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A busy busy Wednesday in the life of a nanny to TWO now! - hi there...

Sep. 27th, 2013 08:21 am A busy busy Wednesday in the life of a nanny to TWO now!

Recently, I started what is called a nanny share--I'm still taking care of R full-time, but now a little boy, A, comes to us three days a week too. It's fun but oh so busy!

I'm up super early because i have to babysit A for a few hours before starting my real workday. Blargh. It's fuzzy-robe season in MA...

Breakfast and pills...the plum, sadly, was inedibly unripe. bleck. Pills are all vitamins/supplements/allergy.

Pack up the bag and get dressed...it may not be from my school (it's from my brother's), but it's warm and cozy!

I forgot to picture feeding him breakfast and changing his diaper...but here's A, and his adorable cloth diaper! This one is my favorite design that they have.

I snitch a nectarine to make up for the icky plum, then get bub dressed. he's a busy little guy!

I love this house--so open and airy and SO MANY BOOKS!

On our way to go pick up R! I forgot to take pictures when i got to work, because she was still in her jammies and we needed to get out the door asap. Two kiddos in my backseat!

Playdate house! I do R's hair when we get there.

A finds a phone and a chair. He's so chill at these playdates, goes off and plays by himself while the girls interact more. One of the other nannies takes out either a snack or an iphone (i don't remember which) and all the little monkeys are focused on her IMMEDIATELY. it's so funny!

Heading back home...for lunch! I get the kids set up with their food, then set up A's sleeping area--yes, that's a hammock. it's awesome.

I take a solo pee break while they're eating, and then it's naptime! I hide on the couch and eat my own lunch while listening to A and watching R fall asleep.

I waste time on my phone then finally get up...he's so freaking cute when he sleeps! i make myself sweep. ugh.

Then it's reading time for me, until miss R decides to wake up kinda early (I shoot for two hours, but alas). Then she gets REALLY UPSET that i wouldn't let her go see A (she loooooooves him) and screams until she wakes him up too. Sigh.

<3 he's smiling goofily here, fyi. She loves to go over to him and rock him a little.

I then proceed to forget to take pictures as we go out on a walk, to Goodwill and the Farmer's Market. And the park, cuz it's so early! Swinging feets :) I did remember to take a pic of what i got at the market--prune plums. omg. so delicious. R ate two of mine so i went back and bought more!

Kiddos play well together while listening to music, and I do dishes. Yes, still washing bottles--we cannot get her to drink milk out of a cup at all. so she still gets bottles so she gets SOME milk.

Crayon time for them (kren! according to R), painkiller time for me because OY having two toddlers is hard on my back!

Parents come and i'm outta there! Dinnertime at last. omnomnom.

Showertime! Best part about having laundry in the bathroom--I throw my towels and robe in there when it's cold, so that when i get out of the shower they're toasty. It rocks.

I take pictures of my Goodwill find (for my halloween costume of Zelda...it's perfect! the top'll be covered so it doesn't matter, the long flowy skirt does). Then settle in to finally finish OITNB (reaction: HOLY CRAP).

I *meant* to put together this DiTL and go to bed early...instead i do this for a few more hours and go to bed after 11. oops.

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Date:September 27th, 2013 08:45 pm (UTC)
Hey! I think I might know A. Or at least, I know the parents of a little boy A about that age who sleeps in a blue hammock, but I don't know them well enough to have been to their house. Are his parents A and M?
Date:September 29th, 2013 12:22 pm (UTC)
yes! small world...
Date:September 29th, 2013 12:41 pm (UTC)
Too funny! We should do another playground meetup sometime soon. :)