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two ditls in a row! wow! - hi there...

May. 24th, 2014 05:35 pm two ditls in a row! wow!

Forgot about DiTL until i was eating breakfast in front of my computer as always...bf is still sleeping soundly, lucky duck.

I sneak in one last cuddle <3 then head out into the grey. Oh how I wish i liked coffee some days...So tired.

Get to work a bit early...the one day i leave early to avoid the construction, the construction isn't closing off the street! Have to go in the side door, though, because as you can see the sidewalk is all dug up. So annoying.

Hannah is hanging out on mama's bed while she gets dressed. Morning Hanny! Morning Trixie! Sweetest dog ever.

Medicine time for baby (reflux), and tea for sleeepy nanny.

Hanny loves hanging in her Bjorn seat (which we scored for $20 instead of the $200 it's worth!!) and i love nibbling her toes while she's in it :)

I decide to give her a small bottle, since she didn't sleep or eat well in the morning. This is how we track everything! well, we're bad about diapers. But sleep and bottles, yes.

She plays in her crib watching her mobile while I put away yesterday's clean laundry. Baby goes through a lot of clothes!

Potty break, then we head out for a short walk to get her as sleepy as possible.

It worked! Out like a light in her crib...for a while. Then I go to the bathroom, get my water and her next bottle, and go back to camp out in her room. Right now she'll only stay in her crib 30-45 minutes, then we have to grab her and do a little jiggling to get her back to sleep in the rocking chair for the next 30-45. Fun times. Also, the rocking chair is SO COMFY so i don't mind sitting and playing with my phone in the dark :)

Bottle time when she wakes up--you can see her Magic Merlin Suit, it's so great! It helps keep her crazy arms calm enough for her to sleep without swaddling. Then an outfit change because of some spit up! Love this shirt her aunt got her.

Lunch for me at last, during which she poops and another outfit/diaper change is necessary. That shirt didn't last long! Trixie comes to keep us company.

We go play on the guest bed in the front room for a while--it's a good place for her to really stretch out and roll around! Trixie is feeling very unloved today, apparently, and comes to beg for pets.

Another walk, with Trix along too. We walk to an apartment i'll be seeing next week. Unfortunately, I discovered a friend of mine lives on the 2nd floor and he says it's pretty darned small, so i don't know if it'll work out--too bad cuz it's SO close to work!

Second verse, same as the first...she PTFO as soon as we get home. Except this time i just stay in there, because friday is my short day so her mom will come in and feed her when she wakes. She does, and we talk for a bit and then i head out to my chiropractor. So needed!

Back at home, my night gets really boring. Zone out in front of the computer, make a big batch of whole wheat buttermilk pancakes, watch Bones until i can't keep my eyes open. I need to stop doing that...the dreams I get because of it are often not pleasant!

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