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I finally remembered! My monday DiTL :) - hi there...

Oct. 8th, 2014 09:27 pm I finally remembered! My monday DiTL :)

aaaargh I just lost half my ditl. Anyways! Since my last ditl, i have moved in with my friend Tal (who is also friends with gingerrose and noah!). We are a PERFECT match, and our apartment is huge and pretty, and I'm so happy :)

Finally remember that it's ditl day while i'm eating breakfast and catching up with the world via my phone. Last bathroom stop...

Then i spend a few minutes cuddling this lump (he hardly even budges) and find some half-decent clothes.

Grab my stuff from the front "hall" table, then hit the road. luckily a) my clock is fast and b) i have a short commute, cuz that says 8:28 and I gotta be at work at 8:30!

Hi work! Hi Hanny! She was all Halloween-y, orange tutu and all!

This is her thing now. She doesn't crawl, or roll much, or anything...but she LOVES to stand. holding onto my shoulders/neck, preferably. alllll day.

Read some super-fascinating books, then decide the neck-pinching hurts waaay too much and it's nail clipping time. Luckily, she has recently decided that this is NOT torture, and it's relatively fast and easy.

Sleepy baby is getting sleepy, so i give her a little milk and put her down. she was awake when i left the room, and passed out by the time i got the monitor on! score. The belly-sleeping is new, and so far, it rocks.

Get a much bigger bottle ready for after nap, and get all our stuff together to go to our new playgroup today. love my boss' mouse bag!

Break and snack time for me! When it gets to be about 10:30 I go in and wake her to feed her; she dozes for about 15 more minutes while eating, then i really have to wake her up.

She had a bit of an accident while i was changing a dirty diaper as we were getting ready, so she has an outfit change before i bundle her a little to go to group. No other pictures there, as they discourage cell-phone use. it was fun though!

Back home, we have lunch (i had a sandwich, not pictured), then daddy surprises us and comes home for his lunch! We all go outside because it turned out to be a lovely day. Hanny plays on a blanket while we chitchat.

Mommy came out and had lunch too (she works at home) and gave H a pizza crust to nom. She devoured it! Then it was sleepy time again...second verse, same as the first.

Another bottle prepped, dishes to wash...then i fed her when she woke, and then it was time for me to go!

...to a place you may find familiar--my old work-house! I still pick up R from school twice a week. It's nice. I rummage for a snack before I have to go.


I eat and relax a bit, then grab a banana for R and some energy-enhanced water for me, and off I go. I acquire R from school, and she eats the banana on the way to...

The park! The leaves are just wonderful. There is much swinging...

...horsey riding (accompanied by "she'll be comin' round the mountain" on my phone) and climbing to be done! When did my baby get so big?!

Sooooo pretty. We stay until dusk falls...I tried to get a picture of the almost-full moon, but my camera isn't good for that. it's right in the middle there!

Back at the house we play around a bit waiting for mom. I get be-stickered somewhere in there. We wait and wait by the window for mommy...

My workday finally ends a half-hour later than planned. I run home and immediately bake cookies, because Tal got a job! ALL THE HAPPIES!!! I put marshmallows in a few of the cookies to see what would happen....it was GOOD.

We also got Pizza Hut. forgot to take pictures! oops. Boyfriend is over again and we retreat to my room and watch Castle until bed.

Next time i promise more pics of the apartment! It's really really nice!

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Date:October 9th, 2014 05:48 pm (UTC)
I'm going to see the new apartment in a month!! Can't wait to meet the new baby and roomie!
Date:October 10th, 2014 12:44 am (UTC)
Hi! Nice to see you here again. :)