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2/3 of a ditl...oops. - hi there...

Jun. 15th, 2015 07:19 pm 2/3 of a ditl...oops.

First things first, turn on the fishy light and feed the fishies. there are 3 guppies but i couldn't get them all in one pic.

Wash up, do some yoga (I try to do 10 minutes before breakfast every day...it happens most days...) and breakfast "in" bed.

Head out the door--I'm walking to work because I walked home the night before on a whim. It's finally hot again after a week of blecky spring-like cold! Pop a letter to my friend in the mail. She sent an out-of-the-blue "you can do it!" card to me the other day, so i sent one back! Check my fitbit a the beginning of the walk...

Ahh, going down this hill is so much easier than going up! :) Fitbit at the end of the walk!

Get to work, chat with bosses while Hannah destroys a flower, then pop her in the car to go to playgroup--it's now TOO hot to walk a mile with her.

Play on the playground (WHEN DID MY BABY GET SO BIG), then inside for a while, then back outside. This playgroup has the creeeepiest dolls.

Back home a little excitement for Hanny--abbi! abbi! meaning, ambulance! Upstairs neighbor called the cops on himself because he needed to get to the hospital to detox...he's a lonely alcholic, in and out of rehab, it's really sad. Lunch time for everyone, including deelicious watermelon.

Read books on the floor for a little bit...she loves to lounge on me :) then i go get the carseat out of my car for boss-mom to give to a friend, and Hanny thinks it's the BEST TOY EVER. Mom leaves, and we take Trixie for a short walk to the park.

then it's naptime! she ends up sleeping on me for the last bit of it, and needing extra cuddles when she wakes up.

After nap, we brave the heat to go to our favorite library for story time. We meet up with her bff and bff's mom (lap pictured) and play a little before. After, we go to a playground together but I forgot to take pictures :/

We all go back to the house, and Hanny runs around like a maniac with her friend while the moms chat.

AAAAAND here's where I promptly forgot to take pictures. I drove the other mom and kid home (they don't have a car, so are reliant on buses, walking, or cabs unless i can drive them), talked to my landlord, laid down, bf came over, we went out to Boston Market (a rotisserie chicken place) for dinner, then watched AFV on netflix when we got home.

There he is! The troublemaker that made me forget it was ditl!! Jeesh. Oh, and also I worked on another mandala (sorry for the blurry pic), my most recent obsession. A lot of my friends do them for stress relief, and it's actually really fun! Bf got me new colored pencils before he came over :)

the end.

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