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A forgetful ditl...as usual. - hi there...

Feb. 10th, 2016 09:27 pm A forgetful ditl...as usual.

I swear, next time i'm gonna have to write it on my hand to remember! between the notification on my phone getting off and going to the bathroom to wash up, i completely forgot...oh well, here goes anyways.

The one picture i took of the morning. I woke up with bf; he had work at 10 but we naturally woke up earlier (wonder of wonders) and laid in bed on our phones for a while. Yes, we have two different quilts...it's my #1 relationship tip, haha. No fighting over covers!

Since i'm such a scatterbrain, you miss: getting washed up, having breakfast, doing my nails, packaging up cupcakes, driving an hour to my grandparents', helping set up for a party...

We hung out at my grandparents' house before the party, which was across the street at my aunt's. for some reason i take this picture of my almost-92-year-old gramps, and then i take a picture of the tie quilt my mom made for him years ago. He used to have a LOT of ties...he still does, actually! My boss recently made her first quilt and i was telling her about this one, which is why i took the picture (still forgetting it was ditl!).

Finally it's party time! Someone special is turning 90! There is quite a lot of food--I made the polka dot cupcakes, which just so happened to match the rest of the decor my aunt bought. :)

It's grandma! And my mom. Think they look a little alike? Haha. Gma had no idea we were having such a big party for her, in this pic she's still thinking, why is there SO MUCH FOOD?

Jump ahead a tiny bit to cake! She was so happy. I hope i can still blow out my own birthday candles when i'm 90!

Selfie sesh with baby cousin <3 <3 Brother gets in on the action. Little L has been entertaining herself with toys my aunt kept from my cousins' childhood, some of which i have very fond memories of!

Gotta get my selfies with the grands, too! I am so happy to still have these awesome people in my life. at 90 and almost 92, every time I see them is precious!

Grandma tries to distract L from her obsession with some foil-wrapped candy hearts. it did not work.

Brother steals my phone and is a goofball. He set this to my lock screen, the stinker.

Skype with florida cousin and his wife, then my back starts hurting so i lie down on the floor and accidentally take a very similar picture to my brother :P

Grandma opens her presents from her friends, then we get a few 4-generations pictures. That's my aunt in the middle, my cousin, and her daughter.

Fast forward a few hours, I say my goodbyes and drive home, where i am promptly cuddle-attacked. I get him to let me take my jacket off and we snuggle in the big chair and talk about our days.

We get pizzzzza and watch Flash and Arrow from the past week.

Dominos=so yummy, but heartburny! Yow. Then the last picture I take of the day is taking out my earrings and showing off how they matched the nails I did that morning (they're jamberry nail wraps, I am not that good with a brush!). Can you tell what my favorite flower is?

*sigh* next time I swear I'll try to remember to actually take pictures of the WHOLE day!

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Date:February 21st, 2016 10:14 pm (UTC)
Awesome. Thank you.