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A DiTL in which I introduce a new family member! - hi there...

Apr. 28th, 2016 07:36 pm A DiTL in which I introduce a new family member!

I didn't realize it was a ditl day until I was already at work and baby was down for her first nap. I have some tea, then can't keep my eyes open so I nap too.

All too soon, I start heating up a bottle, take a last solo pee break, and then go get the babe. she's under there, kicking her feet up!

Off to our favorite playgroup, which today is having a special music class! There's guitar, shaker eggs (and lots of other instruments) and the most amazing scrolly story-in-a-suitcase thing that the teacher made herself. So clever!

Home for lunch (ugh, passover), a bum change, and playtime for a little bit.

Naptime again! I have a little treat that my boss-dad's mom sent, and more tea, and charge my phone.

I *meant* to get some pics of pickup time, but baby pooped again and i was frazzled! Soooo skip ahead a few hours, to me washing bottles with some company. Big Girl decides to do some drawing/writing, and where she goes, baby follows!

The cat's not far behind, either. She looooves attention. Big Girl builds, baby wreaks havoc. She is soooo sturdy standing, and has taken a handful of steps too!

The masterpiece! I love these blocks. Then I have to chase baby up the stairs, for the 100th time that day..........

Heading home, i scare a bunny off the driveway! sorry flopsy! It's a chilly day :( Finally home.

To Finley! We got a dog! He's a 3yo maltese-mix (mutt) we got from the animal shelter on 4/22. He's a total sweetie, though he needs quite a bit of training. I release him and give him lots of pets.

Then we quickly head outside for some necessary business. Have to keep the stinky poop bag because we had a vet appointment the next morning (He was a CHAMP!). yurk.

Finley likes to watch me in the kitchen. He would looove any of my food! Nope, yours goes in your bowl, pup!

After-dinner snack. Oh yeah, and I did a ton of laundry, too, because ditl.

Bf gets home and Finn is VERY EXCITED OMGOMGOMG. LOL i love that pic. He is definitely a daddy's boy :)

I then folded laundry while talking to the boy, then crashed in bed.

Next week I'll be in Georgia with baby and her mom, I'm definitely going to try and do a DiTL then!

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Date:April 29th, 2016 12:38 am (UTC)
I'm so excited you've joined the world of pet ownership :D

Logan is a daddy's boy too. Maybe it's a male dog thing.
Date:November 15th, 2016 04:10 pm (UTC)
t have a baby